Interlock® shake metal Roofing

Interlock® Shake Metal Roofing: The Perfect Blend of Traditional Elegance and Modern Practicality

For homeowners who adore the classic look of cedar shake roofing but want a durable, low-maintenance alternative, Interlock® Shake Metal Roofing is the ideal choice. This innovative roofing material seamlessly captures the timeless charm of natural cedar shakes while offering a range of contemporary benefits.

Interlock Cedar Metal Roofing

The Timeless Aesthetic

Interlock® Shake Metal Roofing authentically replicates the rustic appearance of traditional cedar shakes. Each shake is meticulously designed to mimic the organic texture and grain of natural wood, creating a roof that radiates classic charm and curb appeal. This roofing option complements a variety of architectural styles, from historic homes to modern residences.

Durability and Longevity

While natural cedar shakes are celebrated for their beauty, they are prone to issues such as rot, mold, and insect damage. Interlock® Shake Metal Roofing, however, is constructed from robust steel or aluminum coated with a special finish that emulates the look of cedar. This construction ensures that the shakes are exceptionally durable and can endure the most severe weather conditions without deteriorating. They are resistant to rot, mold, and insect infestations, resulting in a significantly longer lifespan.

Low Maintenance

Homeowners appreciate the minimal maintenance requirements of Interlock® Shake Metal Roofing. Traditional cedar shakes necessitate periodic cleaning, staining, and replacement due to weathering. In contrast, Interlock shakes maintain their appearance and structural integrity without the need for extensive upkeep. This translates to savings on maintenance costs and time over the life of the roof.

Eco-Friendly Design

Interlock® Shake Metal Roofing is an environmentally responsible choice. These shakes are crafted with a focus on sustainability, utilizing recycled materials and minimizing waste during production. By choosing Interlock® Shake Metal Roofing, homeowners contribute to a reduced ecological footprint and support eco-conscious roofing solutions.

Energy Efficiency

Interlock® Shake Metal Roofing often features reflective coatings that enhance energy efficiency. By reflecting sunlight and reducing heat absorption, these shakes help maintain a cooler interior during hot summer months. This can lead to lower cooling costs and a more comfortable living environment.

A Prudent Investment

Opting for Interlock® Shake Metal Roofing is a smart decision for homeowners who desire the enduring beauty of cedar shakes coupled with contemporary advantages. These roofing materials offer the perfect marriage of aesthetics, durability, low maintenance, and environmental responsibility. With Interlock® Shake Metal Roofing, you can enjoy the timeless allure of cedar shakes without the associated maintenance and susceptibility to wear and tear.

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The President of the company responded immediately to our need for a new roof, and was extremely helpful & responsive throughout the process. This is the 2nd home on which we installed this roof - and both end results are amazing. I highly recommend this product & the Metal Roof NC team - you will be thrilled with your "new" home! 

Mr D

New roofs in Fayetteville NC, and Cameron NC

When others tried to talk us out of a metal roof, not even wanting to talk about it, James came in and told us he had something better to offer. He suggested the Aluminum InterLock System. Thank you James and your wonderful team for our beautiful roof. We absolutely LOVE it!  

Mrs T

New metal roof in Winston Salem NC

Metal Roof NC installed a beautiful, aluminum shingle roof on our log home in July 2019.  The product is absolutely beautiful, and the work done by Metal Roof NC team was amazing. They did a meticulous job on the installation, cleaned up completely and were extremely courteous and understanding.

Mr D

New metal roof on log cabin

The purpose of this letter is to thank you for an absolutely outstanding job in recommending, selling, and installing an Interlock aluminum slate shingle roof on our home in Fayetteville NC.  You and your team did an amazing job!  In summary we are extremely pleased with the Interlock product, and could not be happier. 

Scott D

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