When visiting a new client I often get asked, “How can you measure my roof without a ladder?” . Its funny because driving our work truck gets really expensive at 8 mpg. We have purchased telescoping ladders we can put in our trunk of a car to get us to the gutter . We will know in advance by looking at the home on google earth if we need to plan otherwise. So planning is the key to measuring a home!! These days we can measure from satellite imagery also. By getting in the attics and looking at the underside of the roof, measuring the perimeter, using satellites and seeing how many fasteners are on the underside of the roof deck you can tell a great deal about the roof. You can see how many layers of asphalt shingles are there by counting the nails in the roof deck. You can also see if the asphalt shingles are leaking too by looking for wet spots or stains on the roof decking. We have a system that uses pitch factors and perimeter measurements to get us really close. We are usually 98% accurate on our drawings. If the roof is not sloped it is even easier!! Yes, we use that math you said you would never use again!! Included is a picture of a typical roof drawing. Get in touch with metal roofing Wake Forest NC for more information.