Once you start your research, you will discover a few things:

-A metal roof will be an asset for your home. The National Association of Realtors says so!!

In fact they say its one of the best things to do to sell your home!!

-The amortization over the years can prove to be very cost effective choice versus going with cheaper roofing alternatives

-You can save on heating and cooling costs, and possibly homeowner insurance (depending on your provider). In fact there are many organizations that promote this Cool Roofing technology,

-Potentially you could increase the resale value of your home

-Will help give your home some of the best weather resistance you can get from a roof

-Help protect your home and family from the most common way fires spread (roof to roof)

-Will help beat inflation by avoiding re-roofing in the future (labor, material costs)

-Keep your home looking beautiful for years to come

While the upfront costs versus cheaper alternatives can be at first surprising, but overall, choosing a metal roof is…

A wise investment in your home.