Although there are may different types of metal roofing for residential homes, the primary ones people pick are as follows:

1. Rib Panel Roofing– or AG panel, or Master Rib panel. This typically comes in 3 ft wide pieces, cut to length to fit your roof. This type of metal roofing typically has an exposed fastener and comes in 29-24 gauge steel. These roofing systems come in Galvalume 55 and Galvanized substrates. We do not get this type of metal from Interlock Roofing. There are different finish options available too. That is an entirely different animal!! This roof system can go over your asphalt shingles if an underlayment designed for metal roofing is used. This metal panel can typically go down to a 3/12 pitch as recommended by the manufacturer.

2. Standing Seam Roofing typically comes in 12-24″ wide pieces, mostly cut to length by the manufacturer to fit your roof. They can go down to less than a 1/12 pitch. It can be installed over your roof deck, purlins or asphalt shingles. A good metal roofing underlayment is a smart choice when installing any metal roof. As do panel roofs, these roofing systems come in Galvalume, Galvanized and Aluminum substrates. There are different paint finishes available, and your roofer can advise you on the best profile to install. This panel can be fastened with a clip system like on Snap Lock versions, or have a nail fin. This just scrapes the surface of the options to go over with your favorite metal roof contractor!

3. Metal Shingles – We like these the best!! Typically comes in many different sizes. They are typically a higher end installation, costing as much or more as a standing seam metal roof. These metal shingles come in steel, aluminum, zinc, and copper. They typically are not designed for a low slope application less than a 3/12 pitch. They even have been used on wall systems. There are many different profiles including slate, cedar, diamond and clay tiles.

This is just a brief description of the many different metal roof systems available to you. Most of them are quality products and don’t have to be done over, saving you money. For more precise information, contact metal roofing wake forest NC today!