Ever notice those ugly black stains on asphalt shingles? Its a little more than just a stain. Those stains are mold, fungus, and or algae. They greatly contribute to the degradation of shingle roofs. The black “stains” on your roof are actually large colonies of airborne algae called Gloeocapsa Magma (Cyanobacteria). They affix themselves and eat away at the limestone filler found in shingles. As they eat and grow, they readily reproduce into more algae. The mold and algae grow in the granules which loosens them, weakening the shingle.. Want proof? get a ladder and go look in your gutter!! That is where you will find all those loose granules… You can look by your downspout too, you will usually find them there also.

You can eliminate the issue by considering a new metal roof when you replace those ugly shingles. Interlock aluminum shingles are coated with Alunar. It has Teflon in it, the mold cant stick to it!! For a free roof inspection just give us a call at 984-289-2585.